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Road Runner Travel Tours Turkey

There are a lot of tours going around Turkey and a quick google search will bring up the big tour companies that offer a fixed itinerary at a premium price. If you are looking to tour Turkey on a budget then look no further than Road Runner Travel Tours Turkey.

I like being in control of my travel plans and almost always do my own itinerary and making my own bookings. With my recent tour of Turkey, I decided to book a tour because I was travelling solo and was unsure about how safe it would be if I travelled inland Turkey as a female, having never been to this country before. In hindsight it would have been fine and I needn’t have worried, but being part of a tour certainly made for a smooth and stress free holiday.

What attracted me to Road Runner Travel Tours Turkey, was the total flexibility they offer. You are able to tailor the tour to exactly how you wish. If you want to skip a particular city, upgrade the hotel choices or do an add on tour then it can be done or you can just stick to their suggested itinerary. There are various options in making your tour cheaper such as hotel choices or whether you want to do bus travel or flights or a mixture of both.

For me I had looked at other tours but I didn’t have a lot of time in Turkey and most offered a minimum tour of seven days. I had just three cities I absolutely wanted to see, so the four day tour was exactly what I was after. Below is a recount of my experience with this tour company.


My experience with Road Runner Tours

After doing a lot of research online for tours of Turkey and various word of mouth recommendations on a plethora of tour companies, I settled with Road Runner Travel Tours Turkey. My main reason for going with this group was that the price was value for money, I could tweak the tour to suit myself and being a solo traveller a chance to have a guided tour with a small group. I also needed to watch my budget and spending around $2000 Australian dollars for a tour wasn’t an option. I chose three cities to tour plus an add on tour (a sunrise balloon ride) for 670 Euro in total or around $1000 Australian dollars (at the time).

I emailed the company, advising them of the type of tour I wanted to book, along with a few pressing questions I had. They got back to me within 24 hours with a proposed itinerary and answered all of my queries. I then paid a deposit (securely online) to guarantee my booking and once I arrived in Istanbul, I was to pay the balance at their Istanbul office. The office was located conveniently in the tourist area, so it was easy to find. I was then given all the necessary documents I would need for the duration of the tour and all I had to do was wait for my driver to come and pick me up on the first day. 

So what do you get with a four day tour of Cappadocia, Pamukkale and Ephesus? This tour included all flights and transfers from airports, hotels, breakfast, lunch, entrance to historical sites, tour guide and air-conditioned mini bus travel each day. Every facet was organised for me and amazingly this tour worked like absolute clockwork. 

Each day I was picked up by the local tour guide and toured all over the city. The mini-bus travel was a great way to get from one area to the next within a city, especially when public transport was not as regular in some parts. Leaving you to rely on taxi’s to get around or to hire a car. Each day there were different people on each tour which could range from 16 people maximum to (in my experience) one of the days it was just myself and another two people. The tours run regardless of how many people are booked, so you could even end up with a private tour!

At the end of each day, I was transported to my hotel (luggage was either stored on the bus or left at a hotel for the day) around 4 p.m and from there it was free time to explore yourself.


Why choose Road Runner Travel Turkey?

  • Everything is organised and booked for you prior to travel
  • You have limited time or are on a budget
  • Guided tours in small groups
  • Expert local guides in each city
  • Airconditioned mini-bus
  • Make your own itinerary or alter to suit your needs
  • Choose the method of transport between cities (flights or bus travel)


Road Runner Travel

Alemdar Caddesi No:2/B Sultanahmet, Istanbul.


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  • Nancie

    I’m not a big fan of tours, but this sounds perfect. I would love to do the balloon ride in Cappadocia. I did one in Myanmar a few years ago, and it was magic.

    • Wendy Kerby

      I’m with you Nancie, I’m rather independent and like to do my own thing, so I tend to avoid tours. This one was excellent and I can highly recommend the balloon ride in Cappadocia – it was amazing!!!

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