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A walk through Little Venice in Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most visited destinations in the Greek Islands, with hordes of tourist visiting each summer. The old town is a maze of narrow lane ways with gorgeous white washed abodes. One of the most popular areas with tourists is Little Venice. Little Venice in Mykonos is a charming little area, that is not far from the famous windmills. Little Venice’s outlook to the sea, the buildings that overhang the water and the windmills in the background make this area the subject of many paintings and is indeed a photographers dream. 

A visit isn’t complete without a stop here for an afternoon drink or to dine as the sun goes down.

Little Venice Mykonos ©

Little Venice

Little Venice is an area that lines the waterfront with rows of 18th century fishing houses with balconies that look out to the sea. These houses originally belonged to shipping merchants which gave them direct access to the sea. Being built right on the water, you can see how it is reminiscent of the Italian city of Venice, hence it’s name ‘little Venice’.

Little Venice Mykonos Greek Islands ©

The old fishing houses have long gone and now these buildings house cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. Taking advantage of the beautiful view both day and evening, restaurants have set up all along the sea port, to give diners a unique experience. It’s quite peaceful during the morning but once the afternoon arrives, you will be jostling for a seat. This area becomes crazy busy at sunset.

Little Venice Mykonos Greek Islands

If you plan on having dinner at one of the restaurants in Little Venice, you will either want to get there well early or phone ahead to reserve a table. The crowds start building late afternoon with people enjoying a wine or some cocktails. Most of the cafes will start putting out reserved signs on the tables that are right on the waters edge as these are the prime tables. You won’t find fine dining here but it’s all about the experience.

Little Venice Mykonos Greek Islands 1

The reason everyone comes down to Little Venice in the evening, is to watch the magnificent sunsets that occur each night. As the sun goes down, the sky shows off some brilliant colours of orange and pinks. The reflection on the water is also very pretty. 

Little Venice Mykonos sunset 2

The magnificent sunset just on the waters edge. My iPhone doesn’t do this justice but nothing can capture the moment better than seeing it through your own eyes. 

Little Venice Mykonos sunset

How to get there

An easy way to find Little Venice is to follow the road down to the famous Mykonos windmills, from there you can walk down the road to the sea shore. Alternatively and more fun, is to wander through the many lane ways of old Mykonos town that lead to the sea. 

Little Venice Mykonos Greek Islands 3

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