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Brettos Bar in Athens


In my wanderings around Athens, I came across a cool little bar called Brettos. Most people visiting Athens will end up in the Plaka area, for it’s where you will find many archeological sites, great street dining, shopping and of course Brettos. As I was exploring the streets, I came across Brettos bar in Athens by pure chance, I’m so glad I did. From the street my eyes were immediately drawn inside by the colourful wall of brightly lit bottles. The sign out the front said wine tasting all day, so I checked my watch (it was early) and figured ‘ah it must be 5 o’clock somewhere in the world’, so in I went to take a closer look.  

Brettos Bar Athens

Once inside Brettos, I perched myself on one of the old timber bar stools and marvelled at wall to wall displays. The bar itself is very old world, with a rustic fit out and interesting objects scattered about the place. The bar has been in this spot since 1909, making it just over a century old and apparently not much has changed inside this building since then. At this point the barman comes over to say hello and hands me the extensive drinks menu. Narrowing the choice down is not going to be an easy feat!


Quietly observing Brettos you will see in front of you, literally hundreds and then hundreds more of different types of drinks on offer, and a must try is the traditional Greek spirits distilled on the premises. After perusing the drinks menu, I decided to enlist the advice from the expert. It wasn’t too busy (remember it was early) so I had the barman’s full attention as he guided me through the history of the place, along with some must try spirits and liqueurs. I tried a couple of Ouzo’s of different distilled methods and a Mastika. If you have tried Ouzo before but not in Greece, then be prepared for a top shelf experience at Brettos, you should not leave this bar without trying the quadrupled distilled Ouzo, a Mastika or even a Rakemelos. I quite enjoyed the Ouzo and decided to take home with me a bottle, which I have since shared with family back home.


Brettos Bar is quite small and gets very busy late at night. If you want a more personal leisurely experience, then I’d recommend popping in during the day. That way you can get the most out of this place and an education from the bar staff. If you are not fussed and just want a place to have a drink then head there for pre-dinner or late night drinks. 


Brettos is open from 10 a.m to 3 a.m every day of the week. The vibe is relaxed and you are made to feel welcome anytime of the day. If the liqueurs & spirits are not your thing, then they also serve up some fabulous cocktails, beer and have an extensive wine list.

If you find yourself wandering around the Plaka area, then make sure you pop into Brettos for a unique Greek drinking experience.



Where to find Brettos

Kidathineon 41, Athina 105 58, Greece

Find out more at Brettos on Facebook 


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      • Dale

        Hi Wendy – it really does look like a fun place with so many amazing old things collected there. I just love the photos with the bartender and logo against the wall of light and colored glass. Some tricky lighting to photograph, but you captured it beautifully. Quadruple distilled Ouzo – Yum!! Makes me want to go back to Greece. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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