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Coffee in Mykonos and a Cat for a Date

Coffee in Mykonos and a Cat for a Date –

Whilst travelling about, I always try and find a great cafe to recommend for coffee. In my usual life, I live down the road from where you will find the worlds most competitive and creative barista’s. Anyone who frequents Melbourne’s coffee scene will know what I mean. Melbourne has an amazing coffee culture which sets expectations high wherever ‘we’ go. I’ll add here that most (not all) are quick to become a critic – aka coffee snob. 

Now getting back to finding a decent coffee in Mykonos. After a couple of days wandering about with my camera, I noticed this little cafe called Alley. The building and decor were quite pretty to look at and me being so snap happy at the time thought it a good photo opportunity. The second thing that drew me in is that there was a sign on the wall that simply said Jamaican coffee. I was hankering for a good coffee, actually a decent coffee so I thought I would try my luck. 


I perched myself on the comfy cushioned seat, perused the menu and had a look at what coffee they were promising. The coffee beans they had on offer were 100% Arabica and 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain. I went straight for the Jamaican coffee. At this point, I should tell you that I wasn’t alone here, for just to my left was a cat who had made itself quite at home on the cushions. 

In fact, I invaded his territory, for it was clear that this cat was a frequent visitor and he was allowing me to share ‘his’ table. Well I wasn’t about to argue, firstly he was asleep and you should let sleeping cats lie (or is that dogs). Secondly I was alone, this kitty will make for good company I thought. 


So with my trusty new friend beside me, I sat, took in the view and pondered about what this cats story was. Was he the cafe mascot, where did he go at night or what is his take on the coffee? He was friendly enough, so in our silence, I gazed upon the view to the street. Which is quite picturesque, so not only a good spot to drink coffee but to people watch and admire the pretty street scape. 

As for the coffee, (and the point of this blog post) I can assure you it was well worth the stop. It was a pretty good coffee and having a cat for a date, just made it perfect! In fact I came back 3 times for my coffee fix. 


I don’t think this cat could be anymore comfortable! Even when the paparazzi are taking photos of you all day long. If you sit next to this little resident coffee connoisseur be prepared to have the odd camera pointing towards you as this cat is a novelty to the passerby.  


I don’t think he is too impressed with my company. I’ve bored him to sleep!

Mykonos+where+to+find+coffee+AlleyHe eventually warmed up to the coffee date, in fact I didn’t think he wanted me to leave. As this Alley cat decided my bag made for a good pillow.


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  • Dale

    Good coffee is just a reason to live Wendy. I think it’s the first thing I look for in any new place I’m visiting. The kitty is super cute and his expression in that one photo with the single eye cracked open just a tad, is priceless. I can almost picture a little cartoon thought balloon over his head.

    • Wendy Kerby

      I’m totally in agreement with you on the coffee! Always on the search for a good one! That kitty was really adorable, super friendly and super relaxed. I think he knew he was somewhat of a celebrity at the cafe! 🙂

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