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    Finding the Buza Bar in Dubrovnik

    Whilst visiting Dubrovnik, you may get recommended to check out the Buza Bar. Actually finding the Buza Bar in Dubrovnik due to the towns maze of streets, may prove to be somewhat elusive. Now don’t let that stop you though, for going out searching for something hidden and out of the ordinary is all part of the fun. The Buza Bar is often referred to as the hole in the wall bar by locals, due it’s rather secretive entrance. The word Buza is from an old Dubrovnik dialect which literally means hole, hence how it got it’s name.  The bar itself sits clinging to the outer side of the city’s…

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    Walking the Walls of Dubrovnik

    Walking the walls of Dubrovnik is an experience you should not miss when paying a visit to the Old Town. Dubrovnik’s walled city is unique in that it is completely intact, giving you the chance to walk continuously along the walls right back to your starting point.  The view looking down from the top gives you a great perspective of the city inside. Looking outwards, you get the sense of the of how impenetrable these walls are and how it’s location is of strategic significance.  Every angle offers a different view of the town, the ocean and the islands beyond.  If you are a die hard fan of Game of…