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Finding the Buza Bar in Dubrovnik

Whilst visiting Dubrovnik, you may get recommended to check out the Buza Bar. Actually finding the Buza Bar in Dubrovnik due to the towns maze of streets, may prove to be somewhat elusive. Now don’t let that stop you though, for going out searching for something hidden and out of the ordinary is all part of the fun. The Buza Bar is often referred to as the hole in the wall bar by locals, due it’s rather secretive entrance. The word Buza is from an old Dubrovnik dialect which literally means hole, hence how it got it’s name. 

The bar itself sits clinging to the outer side of the city’s wall, and the only way in (or out rather) is through a hole in the wall. Once you find yourself on the other side, you will catch a glimpse of the beautiful outlook towards the sea. Heading down the stairs, you will find seating on the terraces, which are sheltered from the hot sun with awnings and umbrellas. The bar has a nice relaxed vibe, a perfect spot for a vino and free entertainment with the cliff jumpers, the ocean outlook or if in the evening watching the sunset. If you can’t find a seat, then perch yourself on your very own rock. 


buza-bar-dubrovnik-croatia-terrace ©The menu is limited and drinks are served in plastic cups but none-the-less it’s a superb location to steal a few moments and appreciate the stunning view.

Finding the buza-bar-in-dubrovnik ©


Cliff Jumping at Buza

Whilst you are sipping on your vino from the terrace, you will will be in prime position to watch the spectacle that is going on down below.  During the summer months, adrenaline junkies come down to Buza to jump off the rocks. If you are brave enough you might even give it a go yourself! If not then it’s also a great spot for swimming and sun baking.

buza-bar-dubrovnik-cliff-jumping ©


Buza Bar Dubrovnik Croatia sunbaking swimming

How to find the Buza Bar

Buza Bar Cafe Dubrovnik Entrance

To find the Buza Bar, you will need to be heading towards the city wall that overlooks island of Lokrum. To get your bearing, you will need to find the St Ignatius Church. From there walk down some alleys towards the city wall. Follow the city wall until you come across a sign saying “cold drinks” which points to an opening in the wall. 

buza-bar-dubrovnik-croatia ©Opening times

The Buza bar is open during the spring and summer months.

The least busiest time to go is in the early afternoon if you are after a drink and there are usually plenty of cliff jumpers around this time.

Cash only venue.


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  • travel4lifeblog

    Thanks for sharing Wendy! This place looks cool and your article made us want to have a drink there! In January 2017, we are taking a year off and we will probably spend 6 months in South America then we will probably go to Europe. We will make sure to keep all your travel tips in mind if we can make it to Dubrovnik in 2017! Your post made us want to go! Keep up the great work Wendy!
    Patrick and Cecile from

    • Wendy Kerby

      Hi Patrick & Cecile, thanks for dropping by! Definitely check out this secret little bar that’s hidden in the outer walls, it has a fabulous view and atmosphere. I’m glad I inspired you to go! Good luck with your future travels and I do hope you get the chance to visit Croatia! Cheers Wendy.

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