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5 quick travel tips for first time travellers


Are you planning an overseas trip for the first time? Here are five handy travel tips for first time travellers that will make your trip a little smoother.

1. Money

Pre-purchase some foreign currency prior to leaving for your holiday. Depending on where you are going, you may need to order the currency in, so allow yourself enough time for the money to arrive. Banks, post-offices and currency exchange agencies offer these services. Having some currency of the country you are visiting when you arrive is great for those spontaneous purchases such as buying a coffee, something to eat or grabbing a taxi.  It certainly makes it easier when you first arrive rather than searching around for the nearest bank or ATM.


2. Cabin bags

Buy a cabin bag with wheels and extendable handle. If you are like me and like to wander around the duty free shops to fill in time whilst in transit at the airport, then a bag on wheels is a must!  They are easy to manoeuvre around and your arms and shoulders will thank you for it as carrying a heavy cabin bag on your arm quickly becomes tiresome and uncomfortable.


3. Important documents

Do not pack travel documents and other relevant information in your main suitcase as you will not be able to access this once your bags are checked in.  Keep passports, valuables and medications in your cabin bag for quick access.


4. Suitcases

Buy a light weight medium sized suitcase if you plan on moving frequently from city to city. Lugging a large suitcase can be awkward and not very user friendly when trying to carry them up and down stairs. Lifting a large suitcase into an overhead luggage rack on a packed train can prove quite awkward! You will find yourself walking with your suitcase far more often than you think you will.


5. Don’t over pack!

One of the easiest things to do is over pack! Once you have packed your suitcase, test how heavy it is by taking it for a walk down the street and up and down some stairs. Then take out half of what was originally in there and re-pack essentials only. If you really get stuck whilst on your holiday you can usually buy yourself out of the bind. You will also want to leave some room for new purchases and to keep under the weight limit imposed by your airline carrier.  Buying a set of luggage scales can be handy to see how heavy your case is while travelling, or your can use bathroom scales at home prior to leaving –  just weigh yourself while holding your suitcase.  Scales can easily be purchased at luggage stores.

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