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5 reasons to celebrate solo travel

Solo travel

Celebrating solo travel

The thought of travelling solo may have your heart beating a little faster than usual and I can tell you that it will be for all the right reasons. Solo travel is a liberating experience and yet at the same time a little daunting too. Have you noticed that whenever solo travel is mentioned, it seems that all the good things about going it solo are overlooked? Take a quick survey of your friends and family about the prospect of solo travel and I will guarantee that you will hear such words as “Oh I couldn’t do that, you are braver than I or won’t you be lonely?” Now whilst these points may have a hint of truth in them, especially if you are questioning it yourself but what I say to this is the very opposite. Solo travel challenges me, it challenges me to say I can do it, I am brave and I might get lonely sometimes but I won’t be all the time.  Solo travel is about taking that leap of faith in oneself.

1. Freedom

When you are a solo traveller, you can say to yourself – I have the absolute freedom to go where I like, whenever I like and I can choose to stay for as long as I like. Solo travel means you will not have to compromise your plans with anyone. You never have to consult with others about making decisions – it’s all in your hands. The sheer bliss of being footloose and fancy free is your chance to indulge on the essential “me” time.

2. Getting to know yourself

Being totally alone, whether that happens to be in the next town or far away in a foreign land, it can be a wonderful opportunity to sit and self reflect. It’s taking the opportunity to find out how you react and deal with your surrounds, it makes you accountable to yourself. It really gives you an insight into who you are and how you see the world or maybe how the world sees you. When you are alone and especially in a place where no one knows you, you don’t have anything to prove, you can be just you without judgement. You are free to be who you are without the expectations of your everyday life.

3. Confidence

Solo travel is the perfect opportunity to build your confidence and belief in yourself. Taking you places that you previously may not have dared. You are in control of making the decisions, working out for yourself what works, what doesn’t and what to do better the next time. During the process your confidence grows from what you have learnt – as your knowledge increases, your fear decreases.

4. Connecting

Travelling solo nurtures a deeper level of connecting with your surrounds. Your mind is completely open when you have little to distract you and this allows you to be present in the moment. You may find yourself (even if you are shy) connecting with people around you naturally. Whether it’s sharing a laugh whilst waiting in a queue or chatting to someone on a long train journey. Conversations with strangers become meaningful in that you yourself become more engaging. Even sitting in a restaurant alone will have you much more in tune with your surrounds, there is plenty that you will notice like never before.

5. Accomplishment

Be proud of your journey, there is nothing better than setting yourself a challenge and conquering it. Whether that be something you have feared such as a simple night of dining on your own or immersing yourself in a challenging travel itinerary that you have created and accomplished. Taking yourself on a journey out of your comfort zone and coming out the other end all okay is something worth celebrating.


So what are you waiting for? Take on the challenge of solo travel and discover all the great things about being alone and you will never look back with regret.

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