Izmir Provence

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    Road Runner Travel Tours Turkey

    There are a lot of tours going around Turkey and a quick google search will bring up the big tour companies that offer a fixed itinerary at a premium price. If you are looking to tour Turkey on a budget then look no further than Road Runner Travel Tours Turkey. I like being in control of my travel plans and almost always do my own itinerary and making my own bookings. With my recent tour of Turkey, I decided to book a tour because I was travelling solo and was unsure about how safe it would be if I travelled inland Turkey as a female, having never been to this…

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    The Ancient City of Ephesus

    Out of all the Roman ruins throughout the Mediterranean, the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey is one of the most exciting and intact city ever to be discovered. Turkey in ancient times enjoyed a valuable and strategic position within the Mediterranean and with this came many foreign conquests. Throughout Turkey you can see many influences from both the Greeks (Hellenistic period) and the Roman Empire and in particular, the city of Ephesus displays these styles within it’s structures. In fact it’s a general consensus amongst the Turks, that there are more Roman ruins in Turkey than there are in Rome. The sheer scale of Ephesus is still yet to be…