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5 super touristy things to do in Phuket

When in Phuket and particularly Patong Beach anything goes, and for some people that includes their sanity – of course in a good way!

Here are five super touristy things to do in Phuket that will be sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

1.  Have a fish pedicure

I totally recommend that you do this at least once whilst in Phuket. There are fish spas everywhere and the going rate is around 100 baht for ten minutes. There are different prices for more time but I found that ten minutes is plenty of time to sit and have these fish work away on your feet. The fish have strong sucking lips (no teeth) and will be attracted to your feet like a magnet as soon as they hit the water. It’s quite an odd feeling and I did cringe when they all landed on my feet at once but other than that it’s all pretty harmless fun.

Fish pedicure

2.  Hang out in Bangla Road

Bangla Road – yes it’s tacky, yes it’s wild, yes it’s crazy, yes it’s sleazy but it is definitely entertaining! The party street is wall to wall people and bars. Be warned – the later it gets the wilder it becomes.

Bangla Road Patong

3.  Get your photo with a Lady boy at the Simon Show

You can either do this in one or two ways. Firstly at the popular Simon Show where there are photo opportunities after the show. Expect to pay around 100 baht for each ladyboy you have a photo with. The other is down Bangla Road where the show girls come down to advertise their show and encourage you to come along. They will make a beeline to you if you make eye contact and their high pressure sales will have you posing in a photo with them in no time at all!

Lady Boys Simon Show Patong

4.  Take a ride in a disco Tuk Tuk

Why take an ordinary Tuk Tuk when you can have your own private disco party on the way to your hotel. They cost the same as the standard Tuk Tuk so don’t be fooled into paying more. Jump onboard and of course tell the driver to play it loud as you weave in and out the streets of Patong to the latest tunes.

Disco Tuk Tuk Phuket

5.  Visit the Big Buddha

It might appear to be super touristy but in actual fact it offers not only wonderful views over Phuket but a tranquil spiritual experience away from the craziness below. It is still under construction but the surrounds are complete. For a donation you can be be blessed by the monks who live there or purchase a bell to hang or piece of marble, whereby you can write a message on either to leave behind. The donations go towards the construction and maintenance of the site. Don’t forget to dress modestly as it is a sacred temple.

The big Buddha Phuket

image by chilloutkoala via tripadvisor
image by chilloutkoala via tripadvisor

Phuket is not only super touristy but it also super fun. There is always something to see and do that will have you highly entertained and when you want to get off the busy strip – just head to the beach for some chill out time.

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