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10 handy travel tips

10 Handy Travel Tips

Before you take off on holiday, you may want to read these 10 handy travel tips that you will make your life and holiday a whole lot easier.

1. Learn to say no thank you

If you are travelling to a country where the language is foreign then you may have learnt a few simple words or phrases such as hello, good-bye and thank you. What is even more handy to know is how to politely say “no thank you” and “please leave me alone”. There are times when you don’t want to be bothered or are bombarded with street hecklers all wanting to sell you something you don’t want. Being able to get across to these people in their language is a huge advantage and that you mean business when you say no.

2. Keep an emergency stash of cash

Keep some money rolled up in an empty chapstick, as you never know when the unthinkable may happen.  An empty chapstick container is a great place to hide extra or emergency cash if your wallet gets stolen.  You will have spare cash on hand and it’s easily kept in your pocket. Or if you are concerned about leaving cash in your room then rolling up your cash in a chapstick is the last place thieves will look for cash. You can either stash the currency of your destination or if you have multiple destinations then the universal currency is the US dollar.

3. Learn how much a taxi will cost you

We may have good intentions of catching public transport from the airport but sometimes this is not possible or after being on a long haul flight it might just be easier to catch a taxi to your accommodation. This is especially so if you are tired and just want to get there as quick as possible. Research before you leave as to what it is likely to cost you to hail a taxi as you do not want to be ripped off. Always negotiate the cost with the driver before you get into the taxi.  There are plenty of forums such as trip advisor that are a great source of information on these type of questions, with many other travellers seeking to know what they should be paying.

4. Roll your clothes

This is a simple one but rolling your clothes will not only give you more space in your suitcase but will help to ensure that they are fairly wrinkle free.

5. Eat where the locals eat

If you are looking for a good dining experience that isn’t a tourist trap then it may be hard to find somewhere once you have arrived at your destination without pre-planning or you seem to be wandering around aimlessly looking for somewhere to eat. The best way to find those little tucked away gems is to ask a local where to eat and where they recommend. Most people are happy to send you off to what they consider the best place to eat in their area.

6. Know the scams

There are plenty of scams out there that target tourists who are unfamiliar with the area. Do a little homework on scams that are currently being used in big cities. Most employ the distraction method where one person will ask you questions whilst their accomplice will rob you, without you knowing. A simple google search will bring up the latest scams in a particular city.

7. When flying wear warm socks

It is a scientific fact that if your feet are cold then you won’t fall asleep too easily. If you are on a long haul flight then always have some thick socks and warm clothes in your cabin bag as during the flight the air-conditioning can get chilly.

8. Buy a map

Once you hit the airport or if you are travelling by train then purchase a map from the either of these places or head to the nearest tourist information centre for a free local map.

9. Find the local grocery store

Finding the local grocery store is not only a money saver but a chance to discover the way the locals eat. It can be an adventure looking around at the different types of food available that you wouldn’t normally see at home. Who knows you may pick up something that you can’t get back at home (provided that it conforms with the customs law of your country).

10. Invest in dry packs and packing cubes

To make packing easier and more organised then dry packs and packing cubes are a must. Packing cubes are a great way to organise your suitcase and have everything in it’s place. Packing cubes also allow you to stuff a huge amount of clothes in a cube without compromising space. Dry packs are another great item, similar to packing cubes in that it allows you to pack things in a tight space but with the added bonus of being waterproof. So if you are travelling with valuables that need protection from the elements then dry packs are a good choice. It can also serve as a dirty laundry bag and a shopping bag .

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