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The Grounds of Alexandria

If you get the chance to visit Sydney, then one place you should make a bee line for is The Grounds of Alexandria or otherwise simply known as ‘the grounds’. The Grounds really is a magnificent place to explore, offering amazing food options in an equally impressive garden setting. After my recent visit, this place is now my absolute favourite place in Sydney.   

The philosophy at the Grounds is simple ‘from paddock to plate’ and you can’t get any fresher than that. Serving wholesome, organic food, in such atmospheric surrounds, you’ll easily find that you could spend a few hours eating and wandering about.  

My first impressions when I arrived was that this place looked like a little oasis in a concrete jungle (it’s located in an industrial estate). The rustic farm vibe was bursting from the outer walls before we even entered the grounds. The high walls are covered with vines, trees and there was even an old pick up truck nestled in amongst the bushes. As we approached the entrance, we were greeted by a chap with a humungous pig on a lead. He introduced us to ‘Kevin Bacon’ the resident pig. Kevin Bacon also bunks up with some other celebrities … namely a couple of goats named Goldy Horn and Margoat Robbie. There’s a little farm section where the animals are kept which children (or adults) can interact with them at feeding times. 


The Cafe

My daughter and I had come for brunch on a Monday morning. We didn’t have a reservation, so we were hoping that it wouldn’t be too busy. We were lucky to have been able to snare a table with only a 5 minute wait. Weekends are a lot busier, so you may have up to an hour wait for a table. If this is the case, the grounds are wonderful to explore whilst you are waiting.

The cafe menu has some great choices on it to cater for many tastes. I found it hard to decide between the waffles and the avocado signature dish, with the latter winning out. My daughter went for the big breakfast, which was very filling according to her (and boy she can eat)! We watched as other meals were being brought out around the cafe and each looked just as good as the next. 

The beautifully presented bakery with goods baked fresh daily.

The avocado signature dish with eggs. 

We also were intrigued with the coffee tasting plate pictured below and decided to give it a try. For $15 we were able to try 3 different types of coffees, which was quite an unique idea. The tasting plate was brought to the table and each glass explained by the staff member, he also suggested in which order we should taste each. 

The Grounds

Once we had finished our brunch, filled up on delicious smoothies and coffee, we then went for a wander about the grounds. Between the main cafe and the Potting Shed are a number of food van vendors, each selling their fresh produce. Here you can find homemade lemonade, donuts, pastries and desserts. If you didn’t want to eat in the cafe, you could purchase these items and go and sit in the Potting Shed or under the magnificent arbour. Wander about a little more and you will come across other vendors selling their wares and of a Saturday and Sunday there is a huge market. 

What you can find from the street vendors, wicked desserts! Mmmm

The grounds is a wonderful place to wander about in a casual atmosphere. 

The Potting Shed

The Potting Shed is a space to hang out and socialise with friends over a few platters of food and cold drinks. Sit and relax in amongst nature with a wine, craft beer or a cocktail. On a hot day, the Shed is quite pleasant as it has a misting system, keeping everyone cool under the pergolas. 

The Potting Shed menu.

There are various and unique areas to sit and have a meal, some more private than others. 

The Potting Shed’s resident parrot. 

The giant swing in the Potting Shed.


The Grounds of Alexandria is located at building 7A, 2 Huntley Street, Alexandria NSW.

Getting there from Sydney’s CBD is easy. Catch the train to Central station, then change to platform 23 for the airport line. Get off on the first stop which is Green Square. Then walk 1 km along Bourke Road which runs into Huntley Street. 

Web: The Grounds of Alexandria

Tele: (02) 9699 2225

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