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Sirocco and Sky Bar Bangkok

So what is is like to dine at Sirocco Bangkok, in the worlds highest open air restaurant? Well I can sum it up in one word – incredible!

I had seen this restaurant and the Sky Bar at the Dome in photos, along with snippits of it on the movie The Hangover Part II and it was something that has been on my bucket list for some time. So on my recent trip to Thailand, that also happened to coincide with my birthday, I thought what a great birthday present to myself – a night at Sirocco. So that’s what I did!

Even though I was going in the low season, I didn’t want to take any chances on missing out so I made an advance booking online and hoped for it not to rain on the night. If the weather is inclement then dining is moved inside the dome.

So on the night, the weather gods shined and it was clear and dry. I had my son with me and we couldn’t wait to get there, so we decided to head off around 6pm to allow for traffic jams and getting across town. We arrived at the Lebua Tower around 6.30 pm just as the sun was setting for our 7 pm booking.

Sirocco Bangkok

Not having been there before we walked in not knowing where to go but there is good signage as to which direction to head for both Sirocco and the Sky Bar. You are basically looking for the elevators that will take you up to the 63rd floor.

For us, once the elevator opened we were greeted by the staff who immediately began welcoming us and asked if we had a dinner reservation or whether we were there for the Sky Bar. Once our booking was established we were taken down the stairs to the restaurant.

The Dome Lebua Tower

Now stepping out of the Dome and walking out onto the terrace steps you are struck with the most incredible view. This is the moment you would want to reach for your camera but the taking of photos is forbidden from the Dome or the stairs but you are free to take photos in all the other areas. The steps are to be kept free for guests entering and leaving the bar and restaurant. This policy is policed vigorously. Tripods and selfie sticks are not allowed to be used in any of the areas.

We were given a choice of seating in smoking or non-smoking. If you choose non-smoking you will be seated away from the SkyBar in a more private section. Nonetheless the view is just as spectacular from any table. There is also a band and singer that plays on the platform in front of the dome, which was more background music and not overpowering.

Sirocco is a fine dining affair and the wait staff are dressed impeccably and attentive to their guests. After I was seated by my waitress, she pointed out that there was a little platform beside my chair for me to rest my handbag on so it wasn’t resting on the ground, I thought this was a great little idea. Linen napkins were placed on our laps, the candle oil burner was lit and menus placed in front of us.

We were then left to ponder these for a moment and for us to grab the opportunity to take a couple of photos. Yes it was a little surreal to be looking 63 stories down over the whole of Bangkok on our first night – in fact you just can’t help yourself – that view leaves you awestruck! The nice thing was that the waitress didn’t skip a beat and offered to take a couple of photos of us. I kind of felt that they were used to doing this for people and they were more than happy to take a few snaps.

Sirocco Bangkok

Drinks were ordered, a coke for my son and a gin and tonic for me. Even the pouring of my son’s coke was done with elegant precision! The Thai people really know how to look after their guests on every level. Once again they left us to keep pondering the menu. There are some good choices on the menu and I decided on the Fois Grois for entree, the chicken breast for main and my son chose, the duck for his main. Fresh crusty bread was brought to the table along with not only regular butter but some wasabi butter too.

The fois grois was incredible, far better than I had tried in Paris. It was combined with apricots and apricot droplets and topped with pistachio nuts. I can’t rave enough about the taste or the thought of mixing all these foods together to create such a sublime taste! It was sweet it was salty but most of all it was a perfect marriage of the two.

Next arrived the mains – My chicken breast was cooked to perfection and was marinated in rosemary & lemon, potatoes, roasted tomato purée, & jus.  My son’s duck entailed smoked-grilled breast, confit leg, rhubarb & strawberry relish and provençal artichokes. The sauce was an interesting sweet flavour and slightly a little overpowering for my son, but I thought it tasted lovely when lightly mixed with the duck.

Sirocco Bangkok

At this point we were both pretty full and then the dessert menu was offered. There was so many good choices on offer and I can usually fit a dessert in but we were stumped (we had had ice-cream at afternoon tea). So instead I just asked for the bill.

When the waitress returned she jokingly said here is your bill mam and she had a complimentary birthday cake for me complete with a candle. She began singing happy birthday and encouraged my son to join in. It was a really funny moment but one I will remember fondly! She then said she can take a few photos for me which was great. Now as I mentioned before we were both stumped at this point – but somehow we managed to eat it!  It was far too nice a gesture to leave. Now I did mention that it was my birthday, so this was a lovely surprise.

Complimentary birthday cake Sirocco

So now we were truly done and a waiter comes by and leaves two little moist towels on our table for us to wipe our hands. It kind of reminded of the ones they hand out on planes.

The real bill arrives and totals  7,132 Baht which after a conversion was around $250 AUS dollars. One thing to note that you will be charged a 10% service/VAT on top of what you actually order and this happens throughout Thailand restaurants.

Most main meals are priced between 1300 – 3000 Baht ($50-100 AUS/US) which I feel was reasonable as the food was very good, the service is impeccable and the view is out of this world. The lobster was the most expensive item on the menu for the mains and wine by the bottle was also quite expensive. There was also a caviar menu that was extremely expensive – I glanced at it but quickly turned the page when I saw 41,000 Baht.

Overall a fabulous experience and a must when you are in Bangkok.

Sky Bar

Next it was time to head over to the Sky Bar which is really an extension of the restaurant. The bar is busy with people taking endless selfies and the bar staff are making sure those cocktails are flowing.

After taking a walk around the circular bar which glowed many different colours and taking in the view and a few photos later, we settled back at the front of the bar. Quick as a flash I was then asked by one of the waitresses if she could “find my cocktail” for me. I took the cocktail menu she handed me and decided to just go with the signature drink named and created for the crew working on The hangover movie and of course aptly named the “hangovertini”. Verdict – not bad at all. Now the view from the bar is even more incredible than from the restaurant. You have a fabulous 360 degree view – from overlooking the city of Bangkok and the river, to looking back on the Dome itself which is mighty impressive.

Sirocco Bangkok

Hangovertini Sky Bar Bangkok



View from Sky Bar Bangkok

View from Sky Bar Bangkok

So ends my night and birthday celebration at Sirocco and an item ticked off my bucket list!


SIROCCO and the Sky Bar

63rd Floor, Tower Club at Lebua

1055 Silom Road, Bangkok

Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Tel 66 (0) 2624-9555

Website: Lebua 

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Hangovertini Sky Bar Bangkok


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