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    The infamous Budapest to Belgrade overnight train

    I’m a big advocate when it comes to train travel.  Given the choice of trains or planes, I’ll take the train every time.  Let’s just say that I would prefer to keep my feet on the ground whenever possible.  Having travelled across Europe by train to various destinations, I have experienced the good, the bad and the downright ugly! The Budapest to Belgrade overnight train was in the downright ugly category.  Faced with the prospect of being thrown off the train in the middle of the night, at the border of Hungary and Serbia, is something you do not want to experience. Having spent around 24 hours sightseeing in the…

  • Budapest,  Europe,  Hungary,  Travel

    Budapest the pearl of the Danube

      Budapest the pearl of the Danube – as it’s often referred to – would have to be the most underrated city in Europe. Even if you have limited time it’s still quite possible to see a lot in 24 hours in Budapest. I found myself in this exact situation after missing a flight that affected my original plans for Budapest, leaving me with only one day. That’s all it took really, 24 hours and I was hooked! Once you discover Budapest you will be yearning to go back and explore this truly amazing city with a lot more time on your hands. Budapest flanks either side of the Danube…