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Travel Drink Dine is a website that connects with thousands of every day travellers. The website is filled with destination guides, food journeys, travel tips and reviews. I like to present my experiences, challenges and advice on a travel destination to help others in their pre-holiday research. I am committed to providing authentic and honest reviews which maintains the trust of my readers. 

About Me

I’m a mother, a clinical nurse specialist, an amateur photographer with a love and passion for travel. Most of my travel is done solo, although I do enjoy having a travelling companion every now and then. I have travelled to over 30 countries, with my most favourite destinations being in Europe, I seem to have a thing with medieval villages! When I am not travelling, I reside in Australia with my gorgeous dog Ruby. 


Who I collaborate with

I love working with brands, hotels, websites and fellow bloggers. 

How we can collaborate

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Hotel Reviews
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Tours and Tourist Attraction Reviews
  • Press Trips
  • Photography
  • Product giveaways and competitions
  • Writing
  • Brand Ambassadorship 

Brand and Sponsored Content

Do you require help with getting exposure to a destination, brand or product? I can help your brand with writing unique articles, beautiful photography and social media mentions. Contact me on the email below and we can discuss a campaign proposal.

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