A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Munich

Image by Ankit Bhargeria

A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Munich

It’s no secret that Germany is a haven for beer enthusiasts. Home to the largest beer festival in the world, Munich’s celebrated beer culture is one of the biggest, if not the sole reason why the number of visitors increases year-on-year.

One of the beauties of this fantastic destination is that you never have to search too far to find that perfect pint. In fact, you can start off your beer adventure right from the moment you land at Munich Airport. While airports aren’t traditionally the place you’d look to knock back a few pints, but according to Parking4Less, an esteemed airport parking guide, says that travel expectations are continually on the rise across Europe as celebrity chefs and the like introduce elevated dining and drinking concepts in these very hubs. There’s a wide selection of bars that you can check out whilst at the airport, but one that comes highly recommended is Airbräu. Known as the best evening entertainment establishment in the compound, Airbräu also brews seven types of beer on the spot, using hops only from the Hallertau region as well as the finest Hofbräuhaus brewer’s yeasts.

After your welcome drinks in this unique airport brewery, it’s time to check into your accommodation. With a short amount of time in the city, you’ll definitely need to be staying in a central location, giving you access to the best of Munich nightlife. Although there are plenty of neighborhoods suited for the short term traveler, night owls and beer lovers that will ensure visitors make the most out of their time in Haidhausen, crammed with restaurants, bars, sights and sounds. Isarvorstadt is also an option if you’re more the “see-and-be-seen lounge” bar type.

But a beer drinker’s journey to Munich would not be complete without getting rowdy at a beer hall such as the legendary Hofbräuhaus or visiting a thriving beer garden. Ranging from the touristy to the ones off the beaten track, the city has so many that will provide you with insights on the culinary and cultural heritage of Munich and Bavaria at large. If it’s a popular, quintessential Munich beverage you’re looking for at these places, opt for Helles, which is a very pale and malty lager, but if it’s a traditional brew you’re after, check the menu for something called Dunkles.

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