Visiting the Eiffel Tower

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Visiting the famous Eiffel Tower is the number one tourist attraction in Paris and is usually the first thing that is ticked off the must see list in Paris. Nothing signifies that you are in Paris more than the iron latice marvel of the Eiffel Tower. Whether you first catch a glimpse in between buildings or from the hill of Montmartre in the distance, seeing it for the first time is a sight to behold. The only thing that tops seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time … is seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time at night! Lit up in all it’s glory and then putting on a dazzling flashing light show on the hour every hour, the night view is spectacular!

Tips for visiting the Eiffel Tower

The number one tip is to get there early if you plan on riding the elevator to the summit. The crowds are phenomenal and quickly build the later it gets. I do not exaggerate that you could easy stand in the queue for the elevator for around 2 hours and by mid morning this will be the case regardless of the time of year you visit.

Wear warm clothes as it does get quite cold at the very top of the tower, even if it is mild on the ground. The slightest wind on the ground can be quite marked at the top. Of the two times I have climbed the tower both days were in stark contrast to each other. In summer we were blown away at the top with high winds and chilly conditions. When I visited in winter the air was still and the sun was shining, perfect conditions for climbing and so much so that we could have almost discarded our winter jackets!

Take the stairs! Anyone with a reasonable amount of fitness would easily manage the stairs. I was convinced by my two kids to take the stairs as they pointed out to me that the queue was non-existent. I was so glad we did, as the climb was very pleasant and perfect weather conditions. Reaching the first and second levels will take no time at all and will give you the opportunity to rest a little if you need whist taking in the views. There are no stairs to the third level but in my opinion, the second level is just as good view as the third level. You do have the option of combining a ticket for both the stairs and the elevator which will take you from the second level to the third but expect queues for that elevator too.

There is a tiny champagne bar on the third level, so if you have made it that far, then treat yourself to a glass. It’s not everyday you get to sip champagne on the Eiffel Tower!

Good photo vantage points are from the Champ de Mars gardens below but I find crossing over the river Sienne to the Trocadero will give you a spectacular shot of the Eiffel Tower especially at night.

Pricing for 2014

Lift entrance ticket
(valid to 2nd floor) Adult €9,00 Youth €7,50 Child €4,50
Lift entrance ticket to top Adult €15,00 Youth €13,50 Child €10,50
Stairs entrance ticket
(valid to 2nd floor) Adult €5,00 Youth€4,00 Child €3,00


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